BFS Mixtape Vol. 1: Mopey Harrigans; or, Songs That Make Us Cry


If you're old like us, you probably had a best friend make you a mixtape when you were younger. As your simulated best friends, we went ahead and made you a brand new one! Back on episode 28 we discussed songs that made us cry. Now we're sharing some of those with you, the BFS Maniacs!


1.   Adventures in Zoochosis - Propagandhi
2.   Without Love - Propagandhi
3.   A Picture Postcard - The Promise Ring
4.   Atlantic City - Bruce Springsteen
5.   Pints of Guiness Make You Strong - Against Me
6.   Philomena - Thin Lizzy
7.   Screwing Yer Courage - Team Dresch
8.   Sum and Substance - Assück
9.   Long Desert Train - Jason Molina
10. Plea From a Cat Named Virtute - The Weakerthans