BFS Nuggets Vol. 1 (Ep. 0-9)


We hand-picked some of our favorite bits from the early days (i.e. last year) and compiled them here for you, the BFS maniacs! The sound quality is a little uneven because we didn't know what we were doing back then. Also lots of background noise because we were dumb and didn't close our windows!
Nuggets Include:

Episode 0: our origin story, it's a shame what happened to John Debella, sexy secrets,
Episode 01: our cool brains
Episode 02: Denis didn't hate his voice and then recants, I HAVE CRY WHAT AM FRIEND, At War With Ants
Episode 03:"you made it nice for daddy"/"fuck you Brett Hull, you cherry picker", and other things we say to ourselves while alone
Episode 05:Southwark Post Office conversation style
Episode 07: Password problems/Barry the Password Manager
Spooktacular:"I thought for a second I was friends with Dracula"
Episode 08:"That's it, I'm throwing you to the goblins" and other stranger secrets, Soft Brain and Nasty Boy
Episode 09: Denis tries to help Josh with his post-Halloween blues, Christmas Ghouls
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