BFS Nuggets Vol. 2 (Episodes 10-14)


As our break continues we've selected some of our favorite nuggets from episodes 10-14! This is when we really seem to hit our stride, so there were a lot of funny bits to choose from in these episodes. Enjoy!
Nuggets Include:

Ep 10: "Wind Beneath Wing" by Bette Middlers, New York City or: An Evening Salsa in the West

Ep 11: Switching over to a Magnus Archives Fancast, Bob Uecker death check, "Running Down A Dream" video analysis, Denis-Exclusive serial killer

Ep 12: Thankgiving Theodore, Listener mail about Josh's violent statments toward Denis, Jarry the Burnout Pants Designer decides to make proportionally huge clothing

Ep 13: Old guy renditions of popular songs, Murder Daddy, Mustache Daddy, that critically acclaimed episode of Frasier where that fuckin' dog bites off Nigel's butthole

Ep 14: Denis gets thirsty/Josh's Butt Talk, Sussquatch, -Denis and Josh exchange tender goodbyes Missing 411-style

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