Episode 45: “Just Rip Me to F***ing Shreds, Monkey Man” /The Monkey Man of New Delhi


Topics include:

New microphones!/eargasm, Josh apologizes for recording with the window open last episode, we’re pretty sure the Krull cyclops said “fig new-ton”, Denis thinks the story about his Lyft driver last episode made him sound like a dick, we demonstrate some ways to engage with service workers, Denis encountered bugs on his vacation, we compare the anxiety-induced tics we had as adolescents, Denis encountered a southern manchild in an Asheville ice cream parlor, Josh got obsessed with squirrel warbles and then discusses his former obsession with maggot brain and the way he overcame it with MS Paint, why Josh probably can’t go back to the bike shop in White Center ever again, new segment: The Streets of Philadelphia, and Josh’s Monkey Mysteries: The New Delhi Monkey Man!


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